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Been a while

I’m here right now for a few reasons. One is an interview with Seth Godin that mercifully pulled me away from doing the dishes. He’s a consistent inspiration for myself and many others, but in this particular clip he mentions blogging every day for many days in a row. Why? Because it’s a privilege to be able to do so. He then makes a remark or two about discipline; something about how you don’t do something every day because you want to, you want to do something because you do it every day. I haven’t even finished the interview yet, and I haven’t really started doing the dishes yet, but here I am, 113 words into my first post in almost exactly seven years.

I should really get back to the dishes…

But, I’ve wanted to get myself writing recently, and that’s the other main reason I’m here instead of at the sink. There’s a bit of a roadblock in the shape of “Well, what kind of writing?” I try to find ways that my unique experiences as a middle school teacher, especially throughout The Pandemic, might be worth writing about. I also toy with some ideas around writing fiction, maybe science fiction. I have a Google Doc with 5-10 premises or story ideas that are slowly but surely amassing real estate somewhere in my conscious mind. As anyone who’s ever accomplished anything knows, however, it’s not what I write, it’s that I write. So here, look: tee hee! I’m writing. Boom.

It really is time for the dishes now. For now, I think my first goal is to publish this, and to publish again much sooner than 2030, a mere seven years from now.