Live Ableton Remix & Drumming Performance

Hobo Spaceship, Chicago

This performance features clip launching, live looping and remixing using Ableton Live with an APC40mk1, Touchable 3 (iPad) and a Korg Nanopad as well as live drumming. This ten-minute set was my first performance using this drums-and-controllers configuration.

Truth In Tones Performance Party

Lula Labs, Chicago

This event featured live projector visuals, DJs Moppy, Constance K and Just as well as an exclusive two-piece performance by Luke Sequeira and myself. Our setup included probably around ten keyboards, hardware, MIDI controllers, live drums and a crazy live PA setup that you can only get by living in a wacky artist loft.

Come Together Ableton Live Controllerism Remix

Filmed and edited at Hobo Spaceship, Chicago

This was my first full-fledged collaboration with the fine folks over at Hobo Spaceship. While we’ve all polished up on our technique and workflow in the years since this production, the belief in whimsy and innovation is readily apparent here.

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